Our client’s request:

International team of senior entrepreneurs in the UK music industry and European IT services industry launch a blockchain ecosystem with the aim to revolutionize payments for content under copyright. This serves to better represent artists and their collaborators (via smart contracts), automate and facilitate payments within a secure framework (blockchain “CopyrightChains”) and provide an alternative currency dedicated to the consumption of online content (cryptocurrency “CopyrightCoins”).

Spinel Advisory acts as an external strategy house for the group of four companies, providing advisory services as well as designing and implementing business processes.

Our process:

  1. Analyze the market and develop insights for strategic positioning.
  2. Hold strategy workshops with the executive committee to design culture and internal processes, enhancing communication and speed.
  3. Design the Initial Coin Offering (“ICO” – similar to an IPO).
  4. Deliver a technology white paper for the ICO.
  5. Develop a business plan for the group.
  6. Create partnerships throughout the industry (upstream, downstream, and “business as usual”).
  7. Design the go-to-market strategy.
  8. Develop three websites (holding, crypto-related for the ICO, and business-only).


  • The company has been granted EU funds for its development.
  • Branding has improved.
  • Strategy has been clarified and alignment has been reached.
  • The company’s roadmap is still going strong.

Location(s): United Kingdom, Sweden

Duration: 12 months

Key deliverables:

  • Industry analysis (PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces)
  • Business plan
  • Technology white paper
  • Strategy advisory
  • Collaboration platform design and implementation
  • Management processes
  • Executive committee coordination
  • Business development plan
  • Partnerships development
  • Three websites developed

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