We have built a holistic approach to impact. We believe that an organization’s positive impact must go beyond Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and the “triple-bottom-line” reporting, and that impact considerations are taken into account at each level of an organization’s business model. We have built our methodology to reflect the most up-to-date view of what positive impact means today, including approaches from the “regenerative economy”, the “systemic economy” and the “circular economy” are meant to be, for a prosperous future for Earth, wildlife and people.

The framework: the Impact Lens

We ask the questions that matter to maximize your positive impact and to make it sustainable

Impact Self-Assessment

Impactful Organization™

We have built the Impact Lens into an accreditation to showcase that your organization has positive impact on the world, follows global standards of impact measurement, and has a clear roadmap to keep improving

  • Best-in-class organizations are empowered to lead others into further improving their impact practices
  • Receive a detailed, public report including: Due Diligence results, final impact score and recommendations

To go further, our in-house strategic impact workshops help take your organization from identifying impact opportunities that fit your business model, to establishing a clear impact roadmap and creating an impact measurement framework.

3 accreditation levels:


You have a clear impact roadmap and are able to measure it at different levels of your organization
  • Impact assessment score across all dimensions > 70%
  • Impact roadmap: Established
  • Impact due-diligence: Performed once
  • Optional: Impact dashboard & ongoing support*


You have a clear, measurable impact and you keep improving and maximizing your roadmap
  • Sapling and:
  • Impact assessment score across all dimensions > 80%
  • Impact due diligence: Yearly
  • Impact dashboard: Mandatory
  • Optional: Ongoing support*


You are a role-model of making this world a better place for all, and you actively promote impact to your stakeholders
  • Tree and:
  • Impact assessment score across all dimensions > 90%
  • Impact due-diligence: Bi-annual
  • Impact dashboard: Mandatory
  • Ongoing support*: Mandatory

Built upon and aligned with global standards

Our impact design methodology is built upon (and integrates with) globally recognized standards and frameworks,
including the UN’s SDGs and the IRIS+ methodology from the Global Impact Investment Network (which aligns with over 50 standards bodies. IRIS+ materials therefore cover a diversity of industry types and disclosure requirements).

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