Acting ethically:


The purpose of this Code of Professional Conduct is to identify those professional obligations that serve to protect you, our client, the public in general, and our profession – and our common primary purpose: A better world.

Responsibilities to the Public

  • Spinel Advisory shall be aware of and comply with all applicable legislation and laws at all times.
  • Spinel Advisory shall not make public statements on behalf of an Institute or its members unless authorized in writing to do so.
  • In addition to being responsible for their own advice and actions, Spinel Advisory shall ensure that any and all consultants, who work under their leadership on consulting assignments, understand and comply with this Code of Conduct.
  • Spinel Advisory shall only choose to work on those projects and companies which, by all information available at the time of entering into a business relationship, make a “positive impact” on the world around them; hence, Spinel Advisory will only work with clients who are individually, as well as within their company or project, acting ethically in all manners.
  • Spinel Advisory shall refuse work, at all times and without explanation, from companies or projects which make direct, willing or unwilling, negative impact on the Earth, its wildlife and/or its people.

Responsibilities to our clients

To our clients, we guarantee the following:

  • Subject to compliance with applicable legislation and this Code, Spinel Advisory shall recognize the interests of the client organization overall as paramount in every assignment – as long as it does not negatively impact the Earth, its wildlife and/or its people.
  • Spinel Advisory shall not accept or conduct work that is in the interest of any individual or group within the client organization if the work would, in any way, be detrimental or not serve the best interests of the overall organization.
  • Spinel Advisory shall always provide objective and independent advice. Spinel Advisory will not allow their objectivity and independence to be influenced by any individual or group either within or external to the client organization.
  • Spinel Advisory shall not guarantee specific quantitative results that are beyond their direct control.
  • Spinel Advisory shall not present themselves as qualified to conduct an assignment without having both the relevant education and practical experience to do so.
  • Spinel Advisory shall specify in writing their relevant qualifications and those of any and all other management consultants proposed for the engagement.
  • Spinel Advisory shall confirm in writing the terms of reference for an assignment.

Written terms of reference shall confirm:

  • Assignment objectives.
  • Steps, milestones, and deliverables in the proposed work plan.
  • Timeline of steps, milestones, deliverables, and completion date.
  • Names, relevant qualifications, and role of each consultant proposed.
  • Billing arrangements, including how all expenses, disbursements, and applicable taxes will be handled.

Spinel Advisory shall not begin an assignment until the client has accepted the written terms of reference.


Once in a business relationship with a client, Spinel Advisory shall:

  • Do no harm to their client.
  • Keep client information private unless the client or law requests otherwise.
  • Not create dependence by them on their client, nor by their client on them.
  • Anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest (for example, representing two opposing interests at once).
  • Not act in the official capacity as an advocate for their client.
  • Not go beyond our own expertise.
  • Not skip the discovery phase of consulting.