Our client’s request:

A team of four wish to start an M&A Advisory boutique dedicated to cross-border startups. Spinel 1.0, precursor to Spinel Advisory, is to analyse the opportunity in Europe, the US and Israel, and support the initial stage of their business development.

Our process:

  1. Analyse the market: Competitors, Clients, Market dynamics and trends.
  2. Develop strategic insights for company branding and positionning, and a specific service offering.
  3. Develop a business plan (with financial forecats) to set strategy and execution.
  4. Develop a business development strategy.
  5. Execute the business development strategy.


  • Three clients had expressed interest (an online dating platform; a 3D printing group; an independent videogames producer).
  • Following the results of the study, the group decided not to go ahead with their project.
  • Clients were redirected to other M&A advisory boutiques.

Location(s): France, Belgium, United Kingdom

Duration: 12 months

Key deliverables:

  • Industry analysis (PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces)
  • Business plan
  • Strategy advisory
  • Business development plan
  • Client reach-out
  • Client industry analysis
  • Business plan review and advice, NDAs, Teasers and Information memorandums for three clients looking to raise funds, acquire or merge


At this stage, Spinel Advisory was not yet solely dedicated to environment or social causes.

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