Our client’s request:

IT services company based in Belgium, Israel and the US is seeking investors for its project of buidling an ecosystem with the goal to fully serve alternative economic models. Spinel Advisory is to deliver investor-ready documentation and provide strategy advisory services.

Their clients are minority groups throughout the world, often pushed aside from the main economy.

Our process:

  1. Hold strategy workshops.
  2. Analyse and provide recommendations on existing business plan.
  3. Develop value proposition for the peer-to-peer currency.
  4. Target investors.
  5. Develop investor-ready documentation (teaser, information memorandum).
  6. Provide investor relationship management.


  • Two investment funds expressed interest.
  • Partnerships were created with industry incumbents and politicians.
  • The company now focuses on Smart Cities.

Location(s): Belgium

Duration: 6 months

Target: International, professional and institutional investors with a penchant for alternative business models | Note: This was before the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies trend

Key deliverables:

  • Alternative curreny valuation model (not related to blockchain)
  • Teaser, Information memorandum, and online Prezi presentation
  • Strategy workshops with the executive team
  • Investor relationships management

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