Why "Kayapo"?
The Kayapo are one of the main native Amerindian groups that remain in the rainforest around the Amazon River in Brazil. The Kayapó resisted assimilation and were known traditionally as fierce warriors. Living on the banks of river Xingu, they call themselves “Mebengokre” which means “people of the wellspring.”
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We pay homage to their fight
The increasing destruction of the rainforest threatens the delicate balance between humans, plants, and animals successfully maintained for thousands of years by native tribes. Like others, the Kayapó have been attacked and murdered in the search for land, and many have had their land forcibly taken away. Recently, the group has arisen as a leader to fight against such pressures.
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A values-driven community

We do not charge membership fees as we believe that common interests and values are key. 
We do ask for (small) contributions from successful collaborations between members.

Prospective Kayapó members have to achieve the level “Sapling” 

of our Impactful Organization™ methodology – also free.

They're fundraising!

kayapo.io: A portal to create collaboration

You do not need “one more portal”. So it’s here for your reference and information is pushed to you/your users.
You can always refer to the portal should you be looking for specific interactions.

An automated email to the community when new members join and when they submit a request for support (RFS)

An organization-level address book with each member’s description of activities, services and expectations from Kayapó

A multi-user access for your organization’s decision-makers

Free technical resources by members (templates, deals, etc.)

The sprints

 Kayapó members regularly meet (remotely) to solve problems in sprint sessions led by Spinel.

Ma: Understand

The first step to any problem-solving is to understand it as fully as possible. This is the discovery phase.
  • Topic voted in advance by Kayapó members
  • Spinel team inputs research pre-reads
  • Keynote speakers
  • Panel discussion from experts
  • Input gathering from participants

Kuma: Ideate

With all cards in-hand, a pure ideation session for each bottleneck of the problem helps create the framework for solving it with concrete projects.
  • Pure ideation based on “Ma” homework
  • Overview of key problems to solve
  • Break-out groups based on key topics to debate ideas and submit for voting
  • Review of best-voted ideas per topic and fit for problem-solving

Ngo: Create

Problem bottlenecks have potential solutions to them; we now put our heads together to create these solutions.
  • “Idea I want to/can help implement” selection homework
  • Idea-based task forces break-out in groups to create draft project plans
  • Presentation of each project plan

Taking place over the course of three weeks, with one 1.5 hour-long workshop per week.

The fourth week is used by Spinel to produce the final report and kickstart Kayapó taskforces.

All solutions which are not picked-up by Kayapó members are made public on kayapo.io and on social networks.

Each workshop is highly participative:

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