How it started
Pierre and Shay met in 2019 in Vietnam, during their respective trips around the world. Motivated by a common will to participate in the positive change of the world, they officially launch Spinel in January 2020.
Our drive
Spinel was born out of the understanding that fourth-sector organizations (then an emerging terminology) are limited in their growth and sustainability because current strategic support companies are too expensive, lack flexibility and are not suited to building a new world in a systemic and regenerative economy.
Our ambition
To help the most impactful organizations create change, find global partners, grow on the long-term and never worry about finance. To that purpose, build a network of remote offices composed of small and nimble teams of consultants, who work both remotely and face-to-face with purposeful organizations.


Industry leaders with vision, knowledge, and know-how to support Spinel’s growth. 

They often intervene on projects alongside our team.

spinel advisor

Sharam Yalda

Innovation for Regenerative Business: Circular Economy, Decarbonization, Digitisation

Partner at Soros Gabinete, Spain

Economist and ecologist, public co-funding of innovation projects

Change agent through advocacy work aimed at accelerating the transition towards a regenerative business culture

spinel advisor

Michele Weldon

Long-term consultant specialised on social and environmental issues

Programme Director at Civic Exchange (HK)

Consultant strategic partnerships UN Women

External relations officer WHO

Matthieu Van Hyfte

Co-founder, manager and sales engineer at Ca-ro-le

GreenTech, AgriTech and BioTech

European agriculture regulations specialist

International business developer

spinel advisor

Alain Zéphir

Quality and processes manager at Nexter Systems

Deep focus into human relationships at work and continuous (self-) improvement

Management frameworks and audit specialist

Former business consultant


We want to do more than "just" our job. We are passionate about the impact we can have on the world. We believe that anybody can the idea that might be the one for long-term, positive change. For that reason, we required all employees to spend at least 0.5 days a week on "quests": Working pro-bono, launching an impact project, working on a purposeful solution...

Theia Notes
Miniseries of articles, photography and research presenting the impact of the anthropocene, and proposing solutions that we can all take in our daily lives.
See the project in action
More coming soon!
We keep looking at opportunities to help wherever we can. In the meantime, check below for resources that YOU can use to make this world a little better.

Our charter of ethics

The purpose of this Charter of Ethics is to identify those professional obligations that serve to protect you, our client, the public in general, and our profession – and our common primary purpose: A better world.

It is agreed upon by all our stakeholders where:

  • The parties intend to work together in any form, be it a partnership, a consulting services engagement, a job, or any other form.
  • The parties agree to follow, beyond the traditional scope of legal documentation, a charter of ethics defining their relationships while they do business together.
It is important to Spinel that this charter is agreed upon between all  participating parties to its business endeavours, as it directly aligns with our mission to provide strategy services for a sustainable future, a fairer economic system, and to protect wildlife.

Spinel Advisory SAS

50 rue Sainte Anne de Baraban

69003 Lyon, France

© 2020 Spinel Advisory SAS. All rights reserved.

Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon

Spinel Advisory SAS

50 rue Sainte Anne de Baraban

69003 Lyon, France

© 2020 Spinel Advisory SAS. All rights reserved.

Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon

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