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of startups manage to scale

Social Enterpreneurs rise up to solving the most difficult challenges: improving the environment and fixing social issues. However, they are not growing at a sufficient pace to meet the escalating problems. They face triple-pain: 

  1. They are confronted with humanity's worst issues on a day-to-day basis;
  2. They lack knowledge and support on how to scale beyond the seed stage. Social Enterprises are built to be financially effective and socially transformative, and as a result, they tend to be locally-focused;
  3. They lack funding. Because funding almost exclusively favours positive results and conservative impact metrics, experimentation in the social sector is not incentivized. 

As a result, only 0.5% of startups scale, and most entrepreneurs find it difficult to scale. The impact of a lack of support is great: "nearly 50% of the social entrepreneurs attending the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2018 reported struggling with burnout and depression". 

Industry & competitive analysis 

  • What is your market opportunity?
  • What is your impact opportunity?
  • What industries are you really targeting? Which ones are underlying to your success?
  • How are they growing? What “blows up the balloon”? What shrinks it?
  • What are incumbents doing about these trends?

Strategy workshops

  • What are your goals, ambitions and ideas?
  • What is your impact, and how do you measure it?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What is your stakeholder map?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strategic planning

  • What are the key steps to achieve your strategy and your desired impact outcomes?
  • How will you leverage your relationships to maximise your output?
  • How will you communicate? How will you keep track of, and measure your success?

Project Management

  • Do you know how a project manager can improve your business?
  • What are you timeline, risks and bottlenecks?
  • What is the appropriate project management methodology to deliver your goals, given your structure?
  • Who are your subject matter experts?

Business Process Optimisation

  • What processes are worth automating?
  • Where are your bottlenecks?
  • Where are your redundancies?
  • Where can we cut costs without losing quality and speed?
  • Where can we gain efficiency through automation?

Change Management

  • Is your leadership aligned to your ambition for change?
  • Are your stakeholders aligned? What would it take to match or exceed their expectations?
  • Is your internal communication effective?
  • Can we gamify change?

Fundraising plan               

  • Do you actually need external funding?
  • What is the ideal investment vehicle (or package)?
  • What are your key timelines and milestones?
  • Who will spearhead your fundraising, both internally and externally?

Pitch & documentation    

  • Does your business plan hold up to scrutiny?
  • How will you communicate to attract the right investor(s)?
  • What are the best formats to share your operation to the world?
  • Is your documentation attractive enough to target potential investors?

Investor relationships    

  • What is the type of investor(s) that will best suit your growth ambition?
  • How should you reach out to them?
  • What do they look for/how will you match their expectations?
  • How much time should you spend “in the market” vs. delivering your promise?

Be part of a global impact community

We support global biodiversity and social action

Our local experts provide our best-in-class know-how and methods

Joining Spinel is having access to our entire network in full transparency

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  • Align your stakeholders to your strategy
  • Move faster than your competition
  • Clearly plan the right scalable strategy
  • Co-create a scalable business plan
  • Finance your growth with the right partners
  • Focus on delivering your mission
  • Measure, analyse, and repeat successes


  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Automate admin processes
  • Plan a fundraising strategy
  • Increase time spent on your mission
  • Train your teams in project management best practices
  • Access Assembly for the Future (coming soon!)
  • Get support from values-driven startups


  • Align values, impact and scale
  • Invest in impact opportunities
  • Support growth-focused entrepreneurs
  • Access tomorrow's industries
  • Expand your geography
  • Get due-diligence'd deal flow
  • Access Assembly for the Future (coming soon!)

Our Allies share our values to further support your growth

We help these companies grow

Our Partners’ companies are built on the purpose of having a positive impact
They deserve the highest quality of support, at a fair price
*Some have codenames (flowers, trees…) to protect their privacy*

Updating your terminology

helps create stronger relationships

Clients: We are Partners.

We help you focus on delivering impact.

We help you structure, advance and grow.

Together, we make the world a better place.

Business partners: We are Allies.

We share values and approach.

Our services complement each other.

We cooperate for the benefit of our Partners.

Active projects

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Sun’s-eye tulip

The company develops and manages utility-scale renewable energy (solar and wind) infrastructure...

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orchid portfolio fundraising


International blockchain technology and financial services scale-up provides regulated infrastructure to institutions

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sunflower portfolio strategy


Behavioural change consulting and videogame developer.

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Circular impact

We are mission-driven to the core

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Following GIIN's definition, our counterparts must have “the intention to generate a measurable and beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return”.


40% of our end-of-year profit is given back to the community: 20% via direct donations to select organisations or projects (in replacement of shareholder dividends) and 20% to employees.

Charter of Ethics

All counterparts to our work have to agree to our Charter of Ethics, publicly available on our website: Partners, Allies and Investors, as well as internal and external staff.


Employees dedicate 10% of their time (an average of half a working day a week) to a quest of their choice - as long as it fits the GIIN's definition: side projects, volunteering, skill sharing...

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