We help impactful organizations grow sustainably

From scale-up strategy to project management and commercial execution, 

we help your purpose-driven organization settle into its full potential; 

commercially, impactfully, and sustainably

We provide the ecosystem to bridge the scale-up gap


Join a purposeful community
  • Create partnerships
  • Find fundraising opportunities
  • Co-create innovative solutions and alternative business models
  • Join a taskforce for regular, community-sourced projects to solve one pressing issue at a time


Grow sustainably
  • Scale-up strategy workshops to grow sustainably
  • Impact as a Service to create positive change
  • Integrated project management using industry standards & innovative best practices
  • Business Development as a Service to build meaningful client and partner relationships


Create long-term change
  • Impact self-assessment
  • Impact roadmapping
  • Impact due-diligence & measurement
  • Dashboarding, tracking & improvement
  • Impactful Organisation accreditation

We are built upon the same principles

Impact methodologies and circularity drive our mission to provide the highest value to all our stakeholders, and our fully-remote, high-caliber consultants have transitioned to Spinel with the purpose of having a positive impact through their work.  We follow three key principles:

Open innovation

In order to support global biodiversity and social action, we rely on best-in-class know-how and methods to solve problems with local expertise, and make solutions public

Full transparency

Information flows between us, our clients and the Kayapó community

We debate ideas openly, find common ground, and solve issues together


We seek simplicity and optimization

The sum of the parts is greater than the parts themselves

From our combined experiences emerge simple, and to-the-point solutions


We are for-profit and driven by impact

We are a for-profit organisation with no dividends to shareholders

Our energies and interests are aligned with those of our stakeholders and Kayapó members

We give back

20% of our profits are reinvested back into the community as philanthropy

10% of our time is dedicated to Quests: consultants take 0.5 days a week to give their time and skills to an impactful project


We propose fair prices

Margin control: We have cut market-rate margins to ensure we provide high-standard services with the smallest financial impact to our clients

We're driven to work with like-minded organizations

All counterparts to our work have to agree to our Charter of Ethics: All clients and members of Kayapó, all financial counterparts, as well as internal and external staff


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