How it started
After years in investment banking and Big 4 strategy after a first failed startup, Pierre took a trip around the world to better understand what he could do to help. Motivated by a will to support the positive change of the world, he launched Spinel in January 2020.
Our drive
Spinel was born out Pierre's analysis that entrepreneurs and organizations wanting to change things are limited in their growth and sustainability because the current strategic support companies are too expensive, lack flexibility and are not suited to building a new world in a systemic and regenerative economy.
Our ambition
Spinel is here to help the most impactful organizations create change, grow on the long-term, and pivot their strategy quickly. To that purpose, build a network of remote offices composed of small and nimble teams of "consultants for good", who work both remotely and face-to-face with purposeful organizations.

We are for-profit and driven by impact

We are a for-profit organization with no dividends to shareholders

Our energies and interests are aligned with those of our stakeholders and our fellow members of the Kayapo Impact Tribe, which we founded

We give back

20% of our profits are reinvested back into the community as philanthropy

10% of our time is dedicated to Quests: consultants take 0.5 days a week to give their time and skills to an impactful project


We propose fair prices

Margin control: 

We have cut market-rate margins to ensure we provide high-standard services 

with the smallest financial impact to our clients

We're driven to work with like-minded organizations

All counterparts to our work have to agree to our Charter of Ethics

This includes all clients, financial counterparts, as well as internal and external staff


How we work

Impact and circularity drive our mission to provide the highest value to all our stakeholders, 

and our fully-remote, high-caliber consultants have transitioned to Spinel with the purpose of having a positive impact through their work. 

We follow three key principles:

Open innovation

In order to support global biodiversity and social action, we rely on best-in-class know-how and methods to solve problems with local expertise, and make solutions public

Full transparency

Information flows between us, our clients and the Kayapó community

We debate ideas openly, find common ground, and solve issues together


We seek simplicity and optimization

The sum of the parts is greater than the parts themselves

From our combined experiences emerge simple, and to-the-point solutions


We want to do more than “just” our job.

We are passionate about the impact we can have on the world. We believe that anybody can the idea that might be the one for long-term, positive change.

For that reason, we required all employees to spend at least 0.5 days a week on “quests”: Working pro-bono, launching an impact project, working on a purposeful solution…

Theia Notes
Miniseries of articles, photography and research presenting the impact of the anthropocene, and proposing solutions that we can all take in our daily lives.
See the project in action
More coming soon!
We keep looking at opportunities to help wherever we can. In the meantime, check below for resources that YOU can use to make this world a little better.

50 rue Sainte Anne de Baraban
69003 Lyon, France

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