We help impactful organizations grow sustainably

We help you
make your impact
long-term and scalable

We intervene in:

  • Scaling-up impactful for-profits

  • Innovating with NGOs

  • Designing impact with investors


An activist consultancy, we operate on principles of circularity and sustainability.

From the observation that
mission-driven organizations
face challenges in growing
to a large enough scale

Only 0.5% manage to scale-up:
1. Missteps in strategy and execution
2. An incomplete roadmap for impact

We provide best-in-class strategy workshops

  • Set a modular strategy, based on research

  • Make impact your growth driver

  • Unlock timely strategic decisions

Based on an "Impact-by-design" methodology

  • How to build a complete roadmap, without jumping the gun?

  • How to make impact your organization's "default mode"?

  • How to achieve your impact intentions?

We focus on verticals where we can be of most insights and/or bring in subject matter experts as required

Face-to-face or remote, the Spinel experience is unique

Side with consultants combining top-tier backgrounds with a unique blend of NGO, travel and human experiences

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