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Your company is built around the purpose of having a positive impact?

We support mission-driven companies to scale.

We believe that our planet is a gemstone: it and its inhabitants need care and protection.

Our goal is to support companies and projects with the purpose of improving humanity’s impact on the world, and together contribute to human legacy.

We are ex-Big 4+ (PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, McKinsey, BCG, …) who transitioned with the purpose of making a positive impact through our work.

With our network of international agencies, they support you to scale your impact:

  • identify new opportunities;
  • build a plan;
  • find the resources to pursue them.

Scale-ups, private SMEs, or NGOs who wish to have the fresh look from an external advisor for a project or regular support, we are committed to your sustainable development in the context of your industry’s trends.

Which companies, organisations, initatives, have a positive impact on the world with the decision that they take?

Following the “2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey” by The Global Impact Investing Network, impact projects have “the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return”.

How to scale your impact:

We help you set a clearer vision for your project, to improve your processes, and to deliver sustainably.

Be it from tactical products like documentation building or market research, to strategic solutions such as strategy management and roll-out, our goal is to help our clients change the world for the better.

Set a strategy

Strategic planning and workshops

Market analysis, competitive analysis

Strategic partnerships

Strategy as a Service


Adapted project management tools & methods

Process improvement and lean process

Project and/or program management

Change management


Financia operation structuring

Investment teasers, information memorandum

Due diligences

Investor relationship management

Our current engagements include:



Ecovillage and water extraction / production in Spain
Silver Birch

Silver Birch

A blockchain-based solution to reward individuals' positive actions within large companies


Behavioral change consulting and videogame developer.

Past engagements:


New Internet Media

Under 4000

Spinel 1.0


Gigawatt Global

Beyond work

Quests led by our consultants:

Theia Notes
Miniseries of articles, photography and research presenting the impact of the anthropocene, and proposing solutions that we can all take in our daily lives.
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We keep looking at opportunities to help wherever we can. In the meantime, check below for resources that YOU can use to make this world a little better.

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